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Is your office full of cardboard boxes and piles of discarded paperwork? Do you need help working in an environment that is constantly cluttered? If so, consider hiring our professional office clearance company in Glasgow.

At Jettison Express, we provide the highest quality office clearance services in Glasgow and surrounding areas. We take care of everything from organizing your paperwork and clearing the clutter to pack and shipping your items.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you declutter your workplace and eliminate unnecessary clutter, ensuring that it is organized, efficient, and clean, making your work life much easier, and we guarantee you will be happy with our service!

David PDavid P
20:22 18 Nov 22
Loft and Garage now a junk free zone thanks to premier house clearance Glasgow. Thanks guys 😁
Melissa CruzMelissa Cruz
12:45 31 Oct 22
House clearance in my Glasgow flat completed, fair price and great communication. Thanks premier house clearance Glasgow 👍💖
Chris RChris R
10:40 13 Oct 22
Cleared all the junk in my garden and attic in 2 runs, nice guys and great price. Thanks again.
Andy SlatteryAndy Slattery
18:04 10 Oct 22
I had a four-story house to clear, mostly large amounts of accumulated junk and two old fridges. (Based in the centre of Glasgow) The price quoted was the best I had found, the team arrived when they said they would, finished on schedule, and left the house empty and clean . 5 Stars
George MillsGeorge Mills
17:55 10 Oct 22
Full house clearance finished in 1 day, over the moon.

Keeping Your Workspace Clean And Organized

Office clearance services are crucial in maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Our services help businesses eliminate unwanted furniture, equipment, and other items that may be taking up valuable space and creating clutter.

We can streamline your office by disposing of unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner and helping you to find new homes for items that can still be used. Additionally, by keeping your office clean and organized, you can create a more productive work environment and help improve your employees’ overall morale.

With a clean and organized office, you can focus on essential tasks and make the most of your time, allowing you to be more efficient and productive in your work.

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Office Items We Remove

If there are unwanted items that your office might want to dispose of or remove, we can help! Here are some common items that our team removes from offices:

Old Chairs & Furniture

We remove old chairs, tables, and desks that are no longer needed. We also remove any old furniture that is not being used or is in a state of disrepair.

Shelves or Filing Cabinets

If there are too many shelves or filing cabinets in an office, we can help you remove them. We will take care of disposing of the contents and ensure that nothing is left behind that could be used by a thief.

Unused Electronics

If there are any unused electronics in an office, we can remove them for you. We will take all the necessary steps to ensure that no data is retrievable and that the equipment is disposed of correctly.

Broken Equipment

If there is any broken or outdated equipment in an office, we can help. We will take care of disposing of the equipment and ensure that it is no longer usable.

The Best Way To Clean Your Office

When it comes to keeping your office clean, there are many ways to go about it. Whether you use a product or DIY, the best way to clean your office depends on what works for you and your team. However, consider hiring a professional office clearance in Glasgow, UK, to clean it properly.

At Jettison Express, we understand that only some have the time or inclination to clean their office regularly. That’s why we offer professional office clearance in Glasgow – our team of experts will care for everything, leaving you free to focus on your work. If you want your desk to look pristine and organized daily, then Hire Jettison Express today.

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We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  We’ve just purchased a fleet of new ‘low emission’ vehicles.  We aim to run a paperless office – with exciting new technology coming soon and we average a recycling rate of over 90%.   

A: Anyone who does business in an area subject to regular security inspections, such as a government building or company headquarters.

A: Clearance varies by the activity in the office and may be required for some activities but not others. Generally, higher levels of clearance are needed for classified or sensitive information.

A: It can take several weeks or months for clearance to be granted.

A: The cost of cleared office space typically depends on the level of security required and the number of employees working in the office.

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