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Is your attic at your home full of old items, rubbish, and junk? Are you currently on the hunt for a great clearance service? You are in luck! Jettison Express’s attic clearance services can help you clear out your attic and get rid of all the old stuff quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

With our expert assistance and quick and efficient service, you will be able to quickly empty your attic of all the unwanted items so that you can make room for new things. We know just how important it is to have plenty of space in your home, and we want to help you get there as quickly as possible. We work closely with our clients reassuring them that we will do our job that exceeds their expectations.

Dumping your old things can be a huge pain, but with our help, it can be a breeze. We’ll make it as convenient as possible for you and do everything we can to make the process fast and easy.

David PDavid P
20:22 18 Nov 22
Loft and Garage now a junk free zone thanks to premier house clearance Glasgow. Thanks guys 😁
Melissa CruzMelissa Cruz
12:45 31 Oct 22
House clearance in my Glasgow flat completed, fair price and great communication. Thanks premier house clearance Glasgow 👍💖
Chris RChris R
10:40 13 Oct 22
Cleared all the junk in my garden and attic in 2 runs, nice guys and great price. Thanks again.
Andy SlatteryAndy Slattery
18:04 10 Oct 22
I had a four-story house to clear, mostly large amounts of accumulated junk and two old fridges. (Based in the centre of Glasgow) The price quoted was the best I had found, the team arrived when they said they would, finished on schedule, and left the house empty and clean . 5 Stars
George MillsGeorge Mills
17:55 10 Oct 22
Full house clearance finished in 1 day, over the moon.

Meet The Team

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Tracey McCallum
Accounts Manager
Stephen Dummond
Truck Crew
Lewis Doherty
Truck Crew

Clear Your Loft For A Fraction Of The Cost

Attic clearance can be a daunting task but it is a fantastic opportunity to refresh and revitalize the unused space in your home. Not only will it free and tidy up valuable storage space, but it will also help to declutter and simplify your life. With the right approach, attic clearance can be a fun and satisfying project that will leave you feeling accomplished and organized.

And the best part? It can be done for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation or remodel. At Jettison Express, we understand that only some are in a position to upgrade or remodel their home, which is why we offer attic clearance services at a cost-effective price.

We’ll remove unwanted items from your attic and dispose of or donate them responsibly. In addition, we’ll help to organize and declutter the space so that it’s easier to use and more efficient for you.

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Common Attic Items We Remove

Our professional team is experienced and knowledgeable in attic clearance so that we can remove any type of items from an attic. Here are some common items that our expert and uniform team removes:

Clothing & Fabric Items 

If you have a lot of old clothing and fabric items that you no longer use, we can remove them from your attic for you. We will take care to protect any delicate fabrics or pieces of clothing while we are removing them.

Toys & Games 

From your children’s old toys to their childhood games, our team can safely take them away and dispose of them properly. Whether they are broken or no longer used, we can remove them all!

Books & Magazines 

If you have any old books or magazines you no longer use, we can take them away. We will carefully wrap and box them for safe disposal so that your attic stays clean and organized.

Packing Materials

Sometimes, you may only use some packing materials that come with an item. If this is the case, we can remove them safely and dispose of them appropriately. This will help to reduce clutter in your attic.

Furniture and Appliances

Our loft and attic clearance services include hassle-free removal of old furniture and appliances, transforming your attic into a clean, spacious haven. Say goodbye to unwanted clutter as our skilled team efficiently clears out the space, ensuring your attic becomes a blank canvas for your next creative project or additional storage needs.

A Responsible Way To Clear Out Your Attic 

Attic clearance can be daunting, but it is an essential step toward maintaining a clean and organized home. Not only does it free up valuable storage space, but it also helps prevent potential safety hazards such as fire, pests, and mold. Attic clearance is also a responsible way to dispose of unwanted items, as many items in attics are often still usable and can be donated or recycled.
By choosing us at Jettison Express to clear out your attic, you can ensure that all items are handled safely and disposed of properly, giving you peace of mind and a clean and organized attic. As part of our attic clearance services, we will help you assess the size and contents of your attic, recommend the best method for clearing it out, and provide comprehensive after-clearing support.

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Attic Clearance Glasgow – A Small, Innovative Business

We aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible; to show our commitment, we just purchased a fleet of new ‘low emission’ vehicles. We aim to run a paperless office – with exciting new technology coming soon and we average a recycling rate of over 90%. We do not only aim to have happy customers but to also lessen our environmental impact.

A: An attic clearance is the extra work that needs to be done on your house for a contractor to access the roof space of your home. This can include anything from removing insulation, batts, or ceiling tiles to inspecting any structural damage.

A: You should ideally have your attic cleared as soon as possible after you are aware of any potential problems – often, this can be within six months of discovering them.

A: There are a number of potential risks associated with having your attic cleared, including the risk of injuring yourself because of the heavy lifting while working in the attic space and damaging any property or equipment inside. This is why asking if the specialists are fully insured is essential to ensure everyone’s safety.

A: Generally speaking, it is best to enlist help from a professional contractor when undertaking an attic clearance – this will give you peace of mind as they know exactly what they are doing and can handle any potential risks.

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