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What is House Clearance?

House clearance is a service that entails clearing unwanted household waste items from either part of or an entire house. House clearances can occur for many reasons, such as bereavement, relocation, or tenancy ending. House clearances are usually larger in scale than a typical rubbish clearance or bulky waste collection. In-house clearances, the items are weighed and assessed before being taken away.

The waste is then cleared according to local regulations. This service involves loading up and removing all unwanted items from the property. Besides, house clearances include dismantling furniture and appliances, disposing of waste properly, and recycling as per environmental norms.

David PDavid P
20:22 18 Nov 22
Loft and Garage now a junk free zone thanks to premier house clearance Glasgow. Thanks guys 😁
Melissa CruzMelissa Cruz
12:45 31 Oct 22
House clearance in my Glasgow flat completed, fair price and great communication. Thanks premier house clearance Glasgow 👍💖
Chris RChris R
10:40 13 Oct 22
Cleared all the junk in my garden and attic in 2 runs, nice guys and great price. Thanks again.
Andy SlatteryAndy Slattery
18:04 10 Oct 22
I had a four-story house to clear, mostly large amounts of accumulated junk and two old fridges. (Based in the centre of Glasgow) The price quoted was the best I had found, the team arrived when they said they would, finished on schedule, and left the house empty and clean . 5 Stars
George MillsGeorge Mills
17:55 10 Oct 22
Full house clearance finished in 1 day, over the moon.

Preparation for House Clearance

Here are some of the most common reasons for house clearance:


Before a house clearance, it is essential to declutter the property. This can be done by categorizing items into furniture, books, appliances, bric-a-brac, clothes, and soft furnishings. After identifying unwanted items, selling them, donating them, or taking them to disposal sites is best.

Sorting items into categories

House clearance involves the removal of items from a home to be donated, sold, or disposed of. Professionals can assist with this task by sorting items into categories, such as personal possessions, housewares, and hazardous materials. These items need to be removed from the home for various reasons, such as due to space constraints or because they are no longer required.

Determining items to keep, sell, donate, or dispose

A house clearance removes items from the home, usually for charity, resale, or disposal. It can range from a few bulky items to clearing an entire house. The items included in a house clearance typically include furniture, books, appliances, bric-a-brac, clothes, soft furnishings, and domestic and builders’ rubbish.

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Reasons for House Clearances

Here are some of the most common reasons for house clearance:


Downsizing is a common reason for needing a house clearance service. To downsize, some or all items in a house must be removed and disposed of. This can be accomplished through professional house clearance services. These services offer the removal of bulky waste and white goods from the house, along with the disposal of other items that are no longer needed.

Death of a Loved One

House clearances are necessary in cases of the death of a loved one. They allow the estate to be cleared of personal belongings, furniture, and other items that may cause a distraction or nuisance. In addition to clearing the house of unwanted items, house clearances must be conducted to ensure safety and protect the rights of the next of kin.


House clearances are often required when a family moves and needs to downsize. This may be the case whether a family is moving to a smaller house or apartment or another city. A house clearance can help to declutter the home and make it more livable. House clearance also helps a family sell their home quickly by disposing of items no longer needed in preparation for the sale.

Renovating a Property

It’s important to house clear a property before undergoing renovations. This will ensure that all unwanted items, such as trash, domestic refuse, and builders’ rubble, are removed and that the property is free of any domestic waste. A thorough house clearance will also allow you to dispose of any items that you no longer need or want. If possible, opt for professional help when performing a house clearance.

Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be exciting for many, but it often involves a series of challenges. Whether you are moving for work or personal reasons, there are likely to be house clearances involved. These clearances can be necessary steps in moving abroad, as they involve the formal declaration of ownership over property and the disposal of any existing contents.

Conducting the House Clearance

House clearance services are typically used to remove items such as furniture, appliances, and other items from a house or property. These house clearances can be conducted in various ways, including with the help of a uniform team.

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Hiring a Professional House Clearance Service

Hiring a professional house clearance service is a convenient way to clear out your property. These services can clear out household items, from furniture and electrical appliances to clothing and linens. Jettison Express is a house clearance service provider that offers house clearances for properties of all sizes and shapes.

Doing it Yourself

A house clearance is a service offered by waste carriers to help people move out of their homes and free up space. It involves the collection of all items from the house, transporting them to a suitable waste disposal facility, and disposing of these items. This service can be beneficial for people moving into a new house or apartment or planning to sell their homes.

Legal and Safety Considerations

When it comes to house clearances, safety is of the utmost importance. You must ensure the company you’re using has a valid waste carrier license to transport and dispose unwanted items. You should also make sure that the company you choose is legitimate and not going to dispose of waste illegally. If you are looking for professional house clearance services, this can help make emptying a property much easier.

Disposal of Items

House clearances involve emptying a property of all its contents, including furniture, books, appliances, bric-a-brac, clothes, and soft furnishings. A professional house clearance company or local council usually does this. They’ll take items from the house at no cost to the owner and dispose of them through recycling or landfill.

Selling items

House clearance companies can help you sell items from a house clearance. They may pay you for the clearance if there is enough resalable stuff. This means you can make money from selling items such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. You can also sell your items online on sites like eBay or local Facebook groups.

Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Items

Hazardous items should not be thrown away with regular waste during a house clearance. Instead, they should be identified, stored, and disposed of safely. Some hazardous items, like chemicals and electrical items, may require special handling and care. If your local council provides hazardous waste collection services, it may be free or chargeable, depending on the service provided.

Final Thoughts

House clearances are vital to any property management or cleaning service. They can be conducted in various ways, depending on the client’s needs. A professional house clearance company can conduct house clearances and help remove clutter, unwanted items, and property damage. At Jettison Express, we offer house clearance services in Glasgow, UK. If you need our assistance, feel free to contact us at 0333-880-6800!

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